2 alternatives visit our website Answer 2 Yes, perhaps. Android can be a Linux based OS but, you need to realize that Windows has an excellent group of instruments for (cross-platform) progress. However, for Linux (specifically Ubuntu) the concept differs. In Ubuntu, an IDE isn’t a full- application that is included. It’s only a "format highlighter over notepad " form of issue. You should have the compilers separately. One-month ago, I tried to get further into Ubuntu, and I found myself pissedoff the moment I began the growth approach. You’ll be able to somehow try-out Eclipse, include compilers (for Java) and continue Android growth. Best of luck!

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But wait. Are you aware, Microsoft has recently reported Visual Studio [ ^ ] for Linux likewise. Which implies, that one may today utilize -. Which eliminates a lot of coding in Linux’s ache. It is free, pretty (IMO), and a great way to start out coding on Ubuntu. I’d certainly give it a shot (alot later! (Note.

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Studio Rule remains the new man about the stop, so that the needs you have might not be fulfilled by it, so skip to next part. ) Furthermore, Android Studio [^ ] is a good IDE for Android programming, you ought to no further use Eclipse (since it is not backed basically) and should go on to Androidstudio. Give it a try on Linux.